Our Technology

Secure and Traceable

  • Ensure full traceability and data integrity.
  • Real-time connectivity.
  • Preventive management.
  • Built-in intelligence.
  • Compliant with GDP requirements.

Light and reliable

  • A tare weight of 390 kg makes our ULDs 40% lighter than even the lightest competitor.
  • Improved strength and durability, leading to a lower maintenance requirement.
  • Dual and independent temperature control systems.


  • Solar panels for energy self sustainability.
  • Saves 48 % CO2 emissions.
  • Emits 70 % less ozone-depleting substances.
  • Real-time IoT and solar panels induce a more efficient cold chain.

Technical Specifications

Energy autonomy

Unlimited power endurance under normal conditions and over 60 hrs without solar charging.

(Delta temp = 20° C).

Temperature control

From 4° C to 25° C. Fully redundant systems.

Operating ambient Temperature  -30° C to +50°C.

Charge and storage

Recharging: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz. Max. charging time: 4 hours.

Connectivity and security

16 sensors connected in real time allow full traceability and preventive management. GDP Compliant.


Max. weight: 1'188 kg
Internal volume : 2.4 m3

Container Weight

Tare weight: 390 kg.


Loading volume: 
2,4 m3

Internal dimensions:
(1'379,5L x 1'309,5W x 1'324H) mm

External dimensions:
(1'985L x 1'534W x 1'621,5H) mm

Max payload dimension:
(1'220L x 1'200W x 1'300H) mm


ULD Container certified by

  • EASA and FAA
  • IATA Code : SW

Digital Solutions

Regulatory compliance: you are in control.

Our unique, real-time monitoring system gives you the necessary visibility and control.
This includes :

  • Real-time alerts so you always know what’s happening.
  • Either a web interface or an API connectivity for our stakeholders.
  • Online ordering system.
  • Automatic mission & CO2 report after each transport event.
  • Data securtiy and compliant with GDP requirements.

Field Test Results

30 hour testing on the tarmac: Dubai Internal Airport

30-hours testing on the tarmac: Dubai Internal Airport (DXB)
Extreme heat - August

2 weeks testing in the Swiss Mountains Winter temperatures

2-weeks testing in the Swiss mountains
Winter temperatures


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