Pharma Air Cargo Cold chain

Active temperature-controlled containers. Where cutting-edge technology meets global decarbonization goals.

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We reduce CO2 emissions by 48%

Innovating with purpose. Setting a new standard in air cargo logistics, where advanced technology drives efficiency, reduces operational costs, and establishes sustainability as the cornerstone of our operations.

Each container reduces emissions by an amount equivalent to the yearly CO2 output of:


Total Cars


Household Emissions


Trees Saved


Tons of CO2

Our pledge

At Swiss Airtainer, we are not just participants in the industry, but pioneers leading the way towards a greener future. Our approach intertwines the crucial goals of decarbonization with the practical benefits of cost reduction in container operations.

We perceive the challenge of decarbonization not just as a responsibility, but as a valuable opportunity to develop superior products that are consciously designed, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective to operate.


Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations by providing reliable, efficient, and innovative transport solutions.


From advanced tracking systems to smart logistic solutions, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the cold chain air cargo logistics industry.

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How our container works


Weight / CO2

By reducing the tare weight of the container by 260 kg or 40 %, we cut down on fuel consumption during air transport, leading to substantial CO2 emissions reduction.


IoT with 16 Sensors

With real-time tracking and remote access, we optimize logistics routes and reduce unnecessary journeys, contributing to lower emissions.


Solar power

Our solar panels ensure self-sustaining energy use, reducing reliance on conventional power sources and further lowering our carbon footprint, while opening new logistics routes.


Redundant systems

Dual independent heating and cooling system providing redundancy and full performance within the specification –30C + 50C


GDP compliant

Swiss Airtainer is compliant with Good Distribution Practice, ensuring quality and safety in pharmaceutical logistics.

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