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A new Player in the green pharma logistics 

presenting our Container

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State-of-the-art containers

Secure and Traceable
  • Ensure full traceability and data integrity

  • Real-time connectivity

  • Preventive management

  • Built-in intelligence

Light and Reliable
  • Tare weight of 400 kg makes our airtainers 40% lighter than the counterparts

  • Redundant temperature control system

  • Solar panels for unlimited power autonomy

  • Saves 45% CO2 emissions

  • Emits 70 % less ozone-depleting substances

  • Real-time IoT and solar panels induce a more efficient cold chain.


Our Mission

By the reinvention of RKN from scratch - our team has created an innovative cold chain solution that is customer-centric, reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective,

Ease of operation and ease of maintenance were the two major criteria we imposed upon ourselves. during the development of this solution.  Four years of R&D resulted in the Osprey (RKN ULD) - a highly innovative solution meant to simplify the cold chain.   

Technical Specifications

Energy sustainability

Unlimited power endurance under normal conditions and under 60 hrs without solar power ( Delta temp = 20 °C ).

Temperature control 

From 1 to 25 °C.

Fully redundant systems.

Charge and storage
Recharging: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz.
Max. charging time: 4 hours.

Connectivity and security 

Real-time track-n-trace: Data integrity and full traceability. 18 functioning sensors.

Max. weight: 1,188 kg.

Tare weight: 388 kg.


Animated results from on-field tests

30-hour testing at the tarmac: Dubai airport (August 2021)

Testing for two weeks test at a Swiss parking spot


Value Proposal

Our Swiss airtainers are: ​

  • 40% lighter compared to our counterparts, leading to a more cost-efficient and sustainable solution with a 45% CO2 reduction

  • Equipped with a full redundant temperature control system that increases reliability and avoids temperature excursion

  • Built-in state-of-the-art compressor technology for high precision temperature management (+/- 0.5 °C in extreme environment conditions)

  • Integrated high-performance solar panels to allow unlimited autonomy and sustainability

  • Complete with a Real-time IoT system, two-way communications with data integrity, time-stamps and full

  • Integrated with 18 sensors for temperature mapping, humidity, shock, vibration, door opening, payload
    detector, positioning

  • ​Futuristic with the introduction of Fintech products for reduced insurance costs and better working capital management

The Osprey RKN ULD has been fully Certified by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)

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